Post Op Follow UP

UPDATE: Great post op appointment. The Oncologist said that I’m healing up great.

The Plan: My doctor said that I will have 2 more cycles of chemo, a Pet Scan, and then take a pill (PARPi) that will inhibit cancer growth in liver, and any possible new cancer development in the future.

The doctor said that if my body responded well to the PARPi, I should have a normal life for years to come.

However, she and I understood that only God knew the number of my days. 

Me and my dog, Bella-boo spent some time soaking

in instrumental worship music before I had to leave for post op apt. This 13 hour video was called THE BLESSING. It was so peaceful. I’m so glad artists upload music videos on YouTube. I usually have worship music on in my apartment for hours when I get bored of watching movies. 

I love having it on when I leave

as well so that my Bella-boo has peaceful music playing when I’m gone for hours on chemo days.

Oh, I felt good enough to drive by myself to the post op appointment. My abdomen never felt discomfort. I was told by my doctor that driving could be painful going over bumps in the road or having to stop quickly, etc. 

Thankfully, non of that occurred.

I truly am not shaken by this cancer diagnosis. I know without a doubt that Jesus got this. There is nothing that can change my mind about Gods goodness, his desire, and ability to take care for me. 


👉 My medical insurance pays for PARPi. I won’t know until it’s ordered.

#Jesusgotthis #faithoverfear #cancersucks

Is there anything I could be praying for you about? Let me know!

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