My Journey Into Journaling

I started to write in a journal back in April this year when I found out I had incurable cancer. The journal was titled “I Will Not Be Shaken…Psalm 16:8” I liked that verse, and the ivory color of journal with golden letters.

I’m the kind of person that is drawn to the visual. 

For example, I have a large back journal that I never write in. I thought I would, however, I was never drawn to it. I also have a journal that a friend painted: A Prophetic Painting about me. I liked the painting and the “word,” however, I wasn’t drawn to write in it either. 

The new ivory journal had a different effect on me. 

Probably because it had a romantic “look” to it. You would know what I meant if you walked into my apartment. For example, I love to decorate with whites, creams, and beiges. Something between Farmhouse and Shabby Chic.

I’ve been journaling ever since about this cancer journey I am on. I have learned a few things, such as, no ones cancer journey is cookie cutter…there is no such thing as “One Size Fits All,” even if the diagnosis is the same or similar. 

Every body has a different … constitution.

For instance, I have a good friend who had a similar diagnosis, however, she had a horrible reaction to chemo. She lost so much weight because she couldn’t eat much. She even had neurological issues in her dominant hand and arm. Meaning, her hand and arm swelled up and locked up. She had to learn how to use her left hand and arm to do things, even write. Now, it is getting better. I can’t imagine going through that.

She said that her body constitution was weak and couldn’t handle the chemo.

This friend sent me all kinds of information regarding diet, videos to watch, supplements, etc. I was feeling so overwhelmed with all the info. I did listen to a series of videos on how to “beat cancer” by Chris Beat Cancer through nutrition and supplements. Nevertheless, I had no grace to eat what he suggested. 

I purchased almost everything Chris spoke about

However, when it came time to prepare, juice, and eat, I had no taste for it. At first I was surprised because I already ate pretty healthy. I loved juicing, eating salads, etc. But, the cancer I was dealing with made me so tired, and the chemo changed my taste buds. Vegetables did not taste good. Who would have thought? 

However, I did crave Dell Taco bean and cheese burritos!

I had no issue eating that. I thought it was interesting because I loved the 8 layer veggie burrito. Nevertheless, I didn’t like them during my first cycle of chemo. The tomatoes didn’t taste right. 

Anyways, all that to say, I’ve been learning so much on this journey and wanted to share it with others. Maybe something I share will help or encourage someone else on their journey. So, here I am starting a blog.

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