My 2nd Cycle of Chemo

When I had my 2nd cycle of chemo, I was given a private room with a bathroom. My friend, Mahesh came with me again. She was such a blessing to me during this journey. Talk about someone laying their life down for another. That was Mahesh. I’m so grateful for her love and friendship.

My 2nd cycle of chemo was not as long as the first,

and, I didn’t have a reaction at all during the infusion. Being that this cycle was back in May, I don’t remember a lot about it except that the day was long. I still had a big belly full of fluid. I think I needed IV fluids this round due to being dehydrated. I remember having a hard time drinking water after the first round of chemo. Oh wait, I needed IV fluids at the 1st chemo cycle because the fluid in my abdomen was pushing on my stomach which mad it harder to drink fluids.

Now, I’m starting to remember.

At the first cycle, I had to get out of my chair every half hour to rush to the bathroom. Every time, I sat up and stood, I would pee my pants a little bit. It was ridiculous and kinda funny. Thank goodness, I had been wearing pads and had one on that day! I had been wearing a pad for weeks because every time I sneezed, I would pee my pants due to all the fluid in my abdomen pushing on my bladder. Needless to say, I was soaked by the end of the infusion. I’m telling you

This has been an interesting journey!


One day, as I was having my quiet time with Jesus, I turned to my daily devotional reading. It spoke volumes to my heart. The title “I Will Make a Way.” 

At the moment, I can’t read what it says in this picture, but if you can, you will understand what I mean. God personally communicates His heart and intentions to us at the right time. I love all the ways He talks to me.

Any ways, back to my 2nd cycle of chemo.

This day, I had a private room with a bathroom. I was already hydrated, so, I didn’t need extra fluids. This time, Mahesh brought a devotional to read to me. It was nice to hear. The day seemed long and both Mahesh and I closed our eyes for most of the infusion. I think I put on the TV to a channel that played soft music.


I really liked having a private room

Therefore, I’ve been requesting one ever since. The rooms were a bit colder than the main room where lots of individuals sat in chemo chairs getting infused. A family member was usually with them. I did see some cancer victims alone which kind of saddened me. I was told that some individuals slept through their infusions. Not me. However, I wouldn’t mind if it made the day go by faster.

I think this 2nd chemo cycle was 5 hours long rather than 7

I do remember feeling the effects of getting the Benadryl infusion. This time, it was given to me in my IV. For example, I felt a little bit of a burn at the site, and within a few minutes, I started feeling my brain get “high.” When I started to talk, my lungs and throat started to feel weird. It was hard to talk which made me laugh. I remember when I started feeling the effects of the Benadryl, I told Mahesh “Here is comes. My brain is feeling high. It’s getting harder to talk cause I feeeeeeel sommmmethinngggg weird innnn my lunnnngs and thhhhhroaaaaat.” I started to laugh because it was such an odd feeling. I had to stop trying to talk for a bit.

Mahesh started to laugh with me.


Here she is, and the devotional she read to me later in the day.  I just love this woman of God. She truly loves God. A worshiper, intercessor, teacher, and an extraordinary friend. I’ve never known a person who would repeatedly lay their life down for hours just because they loved you. I have learned so much about love from Mahesh. 

She is the co-leader of our creative worship team at church. Her leadership skills are impressive: full of love, grace, peace, laughter, and patience. I want to lead like her.  Beautiful spirit.

After my brain acclimated to the Benadryl, I could talk easier.  

Anyways, the day wen to by and after the infusion was over, we left and drove to Dell Taco!


I craved there bean and cheese burrito

and, I was so amazed that I didn’t gain any weight by eating all those carbs, like almost every day for weeks. The cells in my body used the carbs for fuel. No wonder I craved them. I needed the fuel to continue to work and visit my patients. 

I’m so grateful my job wanted to accommodate me during this journey. I have so much favor with the owner of the company. He trusted me and hired me.  It’s my dream job/ministry. God keeps demonstrating His ability to care for me through all the ups and downs of life.  I…we, really have nothing to fear or worry about when God is the Lord of our lives. Jesus got this!

Is there a situation that I could be praying for you about?  Contact me below. I am here for you.

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