Loosing Clumps of Hair

Great, I started loosing clumps of hair after a few weeks of chemo.


Thankfully, I had shaved my head a decade ago, just to grow out my natural color, so it wasn’t a shock this time. Hair grows back, right? not a big deal.

Funny how some people process a shaved head.

I have to share this story. The first time, I ever shaved my head bald was when my hair no longer held onto dyes. I was living in Kansas City, MO on staff at the International House of Prayer. I started coloring my silvery locks dark ash blonde. Then, I ventured out into light brown and medium brown. Add a little amber to the mix and get a nice warm tone. However, my hair kept turning brassy. I used a toner to correct the color, but it only lasted a week. So, after dying my hair 4 times in a month (I know, crazy), I decided to just shave my head and start from scratch. I chose to do this in the fall so I could wear a beanie.

Nobody’s gonna know…Their gonna know

Before I knew it, I had people looking at me with question marks in their eyes. I total stranger slowly walked over to me in the prayer room with a shy smile and concern in her eyes. She asked if she could sit down next to me. She looked me straight in my eyes and asked if she could pray for me. I smiled and said “sure!” though I wondered why? I had been in the same prayer room for years and nobody randomly walked up to me wanting to pray for me. She didn’t ask me if I was ill. She didn’t even pray for “healing,” however, she did pray that I would feel God’s comfort, love, and peace. She may had encouraged me that God’s promises were true and unfailing. 

I thanked her, and thought, “well, that was nice.”

Then, one day, an acquaintance walked up to me in the hall and asked if I was okay. I said “Yes, why?” He was a bit embarrassed, and said that people were wondering if I was sick. Then, it dawned on me “Oh, I shaved my head!” I told him what I did and why. He said his wife wanted to do the same, but he wouldn’t let her. I was like “Why? It’s only hair. It will grow back.” He said that is what his wife told him. I encouraged him to let her do it. It felt so liberating to cut off all that dead straw like hair. We had a good laugh.

It then dawned on me why that stranger came to pray for me

I posted some pictures on social media of my shaved head, and the comments starting coming in like a flood. I was like “People, calm down, it’s only hair.” For example, I was on the phone with my sister-in-law and she thought it was crazy (I could hear my brother in the background saying “It’s only hair, it will grow back!”) I was like “See! He get’s it.” Then, I was told that my niece was freaking out and thinking that I joined a cult. I was like “What? Y’all are nuts. How does shaving dead hair off my head translate to cult involvement?”

It may appear extreme to some, but it’s only hair!

I only did what other’s longed to do. In the long run, it gave people permission to do the same. I’m glad I did it because I was able to grow my silvery locks back and never dye my hair again. Also, I noticed that when I danced (I was on a dance team), I felt a new freedom to move unhindered. I felt liberated. It was so odd, yet exciting. I felt the Holy Spirit with more intensity when I interceded through dance. I don’t really understand why except that maybe pushing through the “fear” of what “others” might say or think to follow my desire unlocked my heart.

All this to say

that, shaving my head this time around due to the side effects of chemo was not a big deal to my heart.  I found a barber shop very close to my apartment, and out of all the barbers there, God gave me the best one for me.  He shared the history of the barber shop (50 years old shop), and other historical places in my city. The woman barber next to him was a sweet heart. She took pictures and video’s of me getting my head shaved for memory sake. So grateful!

I started out having some fun with head scarves and hats, however, that got a bit difficult when trying to put together outfits for work.  In my opinion, the gypsy look only went so far. I found that I didn’t have enough head coverings to match my outfits. 

So, though I said I didn’t want to wear a wig since it would be “too hot,” I started looking at them in my area.  One store would not allow me try on wigs. I left. Then, I shopped around.

Amazon to the rescue!

I tried on a few wigs from amazon and was amazed at the quality. I found 3 wigs that I loved. It felt so good having hair. Getting ready for work was easy again because I looked like me. 

The last picture with the baseball hat is my weekend look if I go out with friends or run errands. It has a little beach vibe to it. I also started wearing it to chemo sessions due to the coldness of the treatment rooms. They have the air on high and cold. I heard the reason was to kill germs. Hmmmm

Are you a wig wearing woman? 


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