Inner Healing

I partner with the Holy Spirit to help bring healing and freedom in your life so you can live in the fullness of God’s love and worship Him with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

One Moment in God’s Presence can Make all Things New



I believe that a moment in God’s presence can bring more breakthrough and healing than anything else.

As an inner healing minister, I am skilled at holding space for you to connect with God the Father, Yeshua (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. Strong prophetic insight is paired to help clear blockages that have kept you from walking in the fullness of your identity in Yeshua. Whatever your unique situation is, I am ready to walk with you to see healing and freedom manifested in your life.

What Other’s Are Saying…

“Robin is compassionate, understanding, and nonjudgmental. She helped me heal from emotional wounds that had hindered my life and my calling for decades. Robin believed in me and had my best interests at heart. I trust her and recommend her ministry.”

– Sharon B.

” I felt the oppression on me leave. Like it just fell off as I let go of control to trust God more in my situation. I didn’t know that the abandonment I experienced in my early years caused me to unconsciously control everything as an adult. I am so grateful for this inner healing session. It helped me so much and now I feel such peace.”

– Michelle H.

” I am only at the beginning of my journey of inner healing, and God has revealed and healed so much in me already. The sessions I have had thus far have helped me hear God’s voice more clearly, hear from His heart who I am to Him, and has helped me find the freedom that I never knew was possible. The techniques that Robin uses are great to help you get set free of the past so you can walk into your future with God.”

– Melissa N.

“I highly recommend Robin for inner healing ministry. She is very gifted, capable, responsible, knowledgeable, and filled with the Spirit of God. As well as being a compassionate friend of God who leads a godly life, Robin is a joy to work with and a delightful person to know.”

– Tammy C.

What to Expect

Sessions typically last between 1-2 hours and are focused on creating a space for you to connect to God the Father, Yeshua the Son, and the Holy Spirit until you experience breakthrough, freedom, and the joy that God’s presence brings.

I am here to help facilitate the connection and offer prophetic insight and strategy as Holy Spirit leads. The sessions are held in a one-on-one setting and are confidential and honoring.