Post Op Follow UP

UPDATE: Great post op appointment. The Oncologist said that I’m healing up great. The Plan: My doctor said that I will have 2 more cycles of chemo, a Pet Scan, and then take a pill (PARPi) that will inhibit cancer growth in liver, and any possible new cancer development in the future. The doctor said READ MORE

3rd Cycle of Chemo

My 3rd cycle of chemo was a fun day. My friend Josephine came with me. She stayed the whole time. We talked so much. All I remember of that day was that we laughed and talked non-stop. READ MORE

Loosing Clumps of Hair

Great, I started loosing clumps of hair after a few weeks of chemo.   Thankfully, I had shaved my head a decade ago, just to grow out my natural color, so it wasn’t a shock this time. Hair grows back, right? not a big deal. Funny how some people process a shaved head. I have READ MORE

First Chemo Cycle

Started 1st chemo infusion. I have a total of 3 infusions today. This will be a 7 hour day. The first chemo infusion went well. The second infusion, I started to suffocate and gag right at the start, however, the nursing team and pharmacist acted quickly and corrected dose until I returned to normal breathing. READ MORE

Not IBS but Cancer? Ugh!

I remember the day I called Kaiser to get medical advice. I thought I had IBS, however, something inside of me wondered if something else was going on. I never considered cancer! After I talked to an emergency medical doctor, she ordered a CT Scan to rule out an intestinal blockage. I looked 8 months READ MORE

My Journey Into Journaling

I started to write in a journal back in April this year when I found out I had incurable cancer. The journal was titled “I Will Not Be Shaken…Psalm 16:8” I liked that verse, and the ivory color of journal with golden letters. I’m the kind of person that is drawn to the visual.  For READ MORE