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Hi there, I’m Robin! A hospice chaplain by day, and blogger by night. I started this website after I was diagnosed with incurable cancer. Ugh, right? Who would have thought? What a journey! It’s not over yet, I still have 3 more cycles of chemo left. Right now, I am recovering from surgery. I had a hysterectomy and abdomen debulking. The doctor said she got all the cancer out of those areas.

However, though that was great news,

According to the doctor, my prognosis didn’t change because the cancer had metastasized to my liver. Oy Vey! I already knew that from the start of this journey, nevertheless, I was hoping the removal of primary cancer would change things. For instance, maybe I could get on a liver transplant list. But, apparently, being that the liver was secondary cancer, I don’t qualify for transplant. I’d like to see a Hepatologist for consultation. I still could do that.

Ya never know. New treatments are coming out all the time.

I’ll have to wait till my gyn oncologist is done with her plans. I have 3 more cycles of chemo and then take a pill that is supposed to slow cancer growth. I’m okay with that. I did tell the doctor that I wanted a liver biopsy. Hopefully, she will grant me one. I think she will. She’s a good doctor and I trust her.

Anyways, I have learned so much through this cancer journey.

God has used it and continues to use it to draw me to His heart and deeper trust. I know God loves me and is good all the time. Thus, I don’t question why my body got cancer, yet, I have asked Him what He thought about it. All I heard God say was “You will never die. You are eternal.” He did not address my body at all. To me, that meant, don’t focus on the body, focus on Spiritual things.

We are all eternal beings. We came from God, and we will return to God.

Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to journal my thought’s, feelings, experiences, and Spiritual revelations as I walk through this journey with God. Maybe I will write something that helps someone else. We are all on a personal journey. I don’t know how individuals can go through a cancer journey without knowing God. I know that I am living through His strength. Not my own.

I have also learned that a proper perspective can cause one’ heart to become fearless.

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