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I didn’t know this, did you?


There are two types of verbal abuse, (a) Covert and, (b) Overt

Covert verbal abuse is a silent control that acts out in a passive aggressive manner. There is an unwillingness to resolve conflict and a denial that there’s relational tension. Covert behavior likes to pretend that everything is just fine when it is not. This type of verbal abuse leaves the other feeling stumped and frustrated.


This is manipulation at its finest.


Overt verbal abuse is external. Expressed by vocal outbursts of negative emotions. Nothing is hidden. Both behaviors are abusive just expressed differently.


Here’s what my friend said about her experience with covert verbal abuse.


“I think that covert is worse because the person may even refuse to make plans or talk about anything of importance…deny that they did anything…usually only engages in either form in front of other people…it makes one feel they are going crazy. Someone acting as if you are not even there is the highest form of cruelty. Mine was extreme…very extreme. My ex looked like an amazing person in every way. He had a lot of people convinced I was crazy.”


Have you had experience with covert or overt verbal abusive people?


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