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How do you Starve the Beast?


Imagine waking up feeling like a heavy weight was mystically holding you down. Feelings of annoyance, irritation, anger or shame oppress you. Your mind is being bombarded with thoughts of resentment, vengeance, or self-hatred. 


What is that?


Where does it come from?


And why are you experiencing this?


This is what I am pondering this morning. I don't know about you, but where I live, there is increasing violence, car accidents, and death. Every day, people drive our streets as if no one else in on the road. Hit and runs are at an all time high and people recording fights at Walmart and Costco.


Entitlement and Rebellion are on Overkill. 


As I sit and ponder, "What is going on in the minds of people?" I hear a repeated phrase


"Don't Feed The Beast … Starve the Beast."


What is the beast? and how do you starve it?


Since I'm an external processor, I had to express my thoughts on this topic out loud … so I decided to do so  *** LIVE ***  on  Periscope. To hear more find me there @RobinCameronBiz