Soul Restoration


GOD wants His eyes to tell you who you are, no more lies, only His eyes.


YOU, my friend, have a wonderful call on your life. You're brilliant, you were created for greatness, and you have a unique part to play in the healing of the world.


For that to happen, you must bring our whole self to the table if you want to succeed in today’s world.


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That includes your unique set of gifts, your personality, your sense of humor and most importantly … your heart.


When you are free to live authentically FROM your Spirit, your very presence WILL liberate others.
If this sounds odd or not accurate about you, then maybe you don't understand who you truely are in God's eyes.

You are a New Creation


GOD wants to heal your mind, will, and emotions. God also wants to revitalize your hope, heal your body, and help you release your spirit so that you can fulfill your life purpose.


You may want to be free from bad memories, regrets, and/or haunting feelings about what did or did not happen. Or, you may feel trapped by feelings of sadness, worry, or panic. Or maybe you have a pretty good life but want it to be even better.

Transcendence is What You Want — The Need to go Beyond Your Current Circumstances and ways of Being.


We all seek transcendence in one way or another because deep down we all want to live a life of meaning and purpose, however, not everyone knows how to. Your own spirit LONGS to be set free, but for that to happen, your soul must be healed first and transformed into the image or likeness of God. That is your true identity: one that is made in the likeness of God.


My work is devoted to helping you to become the person you most want to be. As a trained Christ-Centered Spiritual Wellness Coach – certified in Bethel Sozo lead facilitation, I use techniques that help you discover and remove the lies that you believe about yourself, God, and others. These lies are limiting your God-given potential and hindering (caging) your spirit from doing what it was created to do through you. 


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Bethel Sozo is an inner healing and deliverance ministry in which the main aim is to get to the root of those things hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Once your connection with Father, Son, And Holy Spirit has been healed, you can experience true freedom.






"I'm only at the beginning of my journey of soul healing, but through Robin's transformational coaching, God has revealed and healed so much in me already. The sessions I have had thus far have helped me hear God's voice more clearly, hear from His heart who I am to Him, and have helped me find the freedom that I never knew was possible. I'm getting set free of the past so that I can walk into my future with God"

Michelle McKinzie, NZ


"Right away, I felt the presence of God when my session started. God spoke to me in pictures and words that healed my heart and restored my hope. Thank you, Robin!"

Robin Newman, SC 


"I was healed of Hepatitis C when Jesus healed me of self-hatred. I had no idea that the two were connected until it was revealed through my session with Robin"

Lynn Claun, CA


"Thank you, Robin, for this ministry. It was a most excellent experience! During these last few days, I am resting in Christ and enjoying His presence"

Kimi Canaday, CA


It Would be My Honor to Work With You!