Soul Restoration


GOD wants His eyes to tell you who you are, not religious leaders, not the media, and not your peers. The world would like nothing better than to persuade your soul (mind, will, and emotions) to think, feel, and behave just like them.


An Image That is Not Authentic to Your True Identity.


However, YOU, my friend, were created for greatness, adventure, and fun. This only comes from knowing who you are through God's eyes (opinion) and loving yourself as He loves you. You must embrace your uniqueness so that you can live authentically from your spirit through your soul and body.


GOD Wants to Restore Your Soul, Revitalize Your Hope, and Release Your Spirit


You may want to be free from bad memories, regrets, and/or haunting feelings about what did or did not happen. Or, you may feel trapped by feelings of sadness, worry, or panic. Or maybe you have a pretty good life but want it to be even better.


Transcendence is What You Want — The Need to go Beyond Your Current Circumstances and ways of Being.


We all do because that is our inheritance from God. Your spirit longs to be set free, however, for this to happen, your soul needs to be healed first and transformed back into the image of God.


This is Where I Come In


My work is devoted to helping you to become the person you most want to be. I'm trained as a Christian transformational coach, certified in Bethel Sozo lead facilitation, Theophostic and Elijah House counseling ministry, and trained in aromatherapy. I use techniques that help you discover and remove the lies that you are believing about yourself, God, and others. These lies are limiting your potential and caging your spirit. 




Here are a few Testimonies of Women I Have Worked With


"I'm only at the beginning of my journey of soul healing, but through Robin's transformational coaching, God has revealed and healed so much in me already. The sessions I have had thus far have helped me hear God's voice more clearly, hear from His heart who I am to Him, and have helped me find the freedom that I never knew was possible. I'm getting set free of the past so that I can walk into my future with God"

Michelle M.


"Right away, I felt the presence of God when my session started. God spoke to me in pictures and words that healed my heart and restored my hope. Thank you, Robin!"

Robin N. 


"I was healed of Hepatitis C when Jesus healed me of self-hatred. I had no idea that the two were connected until it was revealed through my session with Robin"

Lynn C.


"Thank you, Robin, for this ministry. It was a most excellent experience! During these last few days, I am resting in Christ and enjoying His presence"

Kimi C.


It Would be My Honor to Work With You!


Feel free to use this contact form if you have any questions and/or want to set up an appointment with me.