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Happy New Year!!!


I know, I'm a week and a day late, however, I've been on vacation since Christmas and just got home Friday. You know what it's like when you come home from vacation–washing clothes, cleaning the house (of dust build up), and for me–catching up on my VA job, along with preparing for Spring 1 Semester of college. Woohoo!!!! I am so excited about school (crazy huh?!).

I never thought that I would ever return to school after graduating high school and then dabbling with junior college a bit (and dropping out because constant school work gave me a head cramp).

Nevertheless, here I am 30 years later and loving it all. I'm now in my junior year of college. Holy Toledo, I have 4 years to go! 


How was your holiday and New Year's Eve celebration?


My Christmas was a blast. It was so good seeing family (I only see once a year) and meeting some of their friends. I drove like 6 1/2 hours in pouring rain up to my brother's home and then stayed a couple days.

Then, the drive to my friend's house after Christmas seemed to take forever due to traffic overwhelm. It actually took me like 12 hours to drive to my friend's house which should have only taken 7 hours. I

think I arrived at 11 pm (I usually go to bed at 9 pm). Thank goodness I had an oil on hand that helped me stay awake. When I finally arrived at my friend's home, I was so happy to get off my butt. 

For New Year's Eve, I usually sleep in, but this year, I stayed up to celebrated with some friends that I had not seen for a while. We had a combination Chanukah, Christmas & New Year's party.  

Later we played the Dreidel game, then the Grab bag game, and a game called Cranium. We ended by getting into groups and praying for each other.

I must say that the Cranium game wasn't very fun for me until we all decided to just take from the card deck where we would either act, sing, hum, or draw. Then, the laughter began and the fog over my mind lifted.

I love being silly and watching adults get all animated and childlike with acting games.


My favorite games are Charades and Twister. 


A matter of fact, I purchased the game Twister for my families grab bag game for Christmas Day. My brother was the one who wanted it (two peas-in-a-pod). Anyways, we had a blast with our family grab bag game.


People wrap the funniest things






What's your favorite holiday tradition?